Chef Eric Kopelow

Certified Executive Chef Eric Kopelow is an American-born chef with world-class credentials. He is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and a longtime member of the American Culinary Federation.

Throughout his illustrious career, Chef Eric has been credited with numerous achievements from around the world, including a Chef of the Year nomination from his alma mater. These recognitions also include more than 25 gold, silver and bronze medals from various competitions at the Hotel Olympia in London, Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung in Germany, Uncle Ben's “Rice Cook off,” Certified Angus Beef Champion and McCormick spice Grand Champion. Chef Eric is also a past winner of the Cully awards and the ACF Grand National Champion to name a few.

Chef Eric has been selected as a finalist for Chef of the Year with the American Culinary Federation as well as a multi-time Chef of the Year finalist for the CATIE Awards. He is also the recipient of the California Travel Association (Cal-Travel)Chef/Restaurateur/Food Artisan of the Year Award.

Chef Eric has been inducted into the Lexington’s Who’s Who for his contributions to the hospitality industry. He has been inducted twice into the American Taster’s Association as a “Master Taster” and a “Grand Master Taster.” Chef Eric was also inducted into the Culinary Institute of America “Great Chef Series” as a visiting guest chef and innovator in the industry. Chef Eric was the 72nd chef to be honored in the history of the institute along with such greats as Julia Childs, Graham Kerr, Martin Yan and Paul Bocuse.    

In 2004 Chef Eric was requested to teach European chefs, the fine art of American cuisine in Zurich, Switzerland.  The task was to illustrate the unique flavors and cooking methods that exist within the boundaries of the United States

A favorite of the food press and influencers, Chef Eric has been interviewed by Julia Child for the Food Network, appeared on the Today show and on CNN as the chef to emulate and on the popular series The Profit. He has also been featured in Nation’s Restaurant News as one of “50 Innovative Tastemakers,” one of the highest achieving honors a chef can receive in the United States culinary industry. Chef Eric has also been written up in USA Today, Lerner Publications, Food Art, Food and Wine, Restaurants and Institutions, Hospitality, Hemisphere Magazine and on the front page of the LA Times Business Section.

Chef Eric regularly donates his time to charities related to Universal Studios Hollywood (where he is Vice President and the Corporate Executive Chef). He also donates much of his free time to charities and charity auctions (auctioning his culinary expertise to create special dinner parties for the highest bidders) to raise thousands of dollars every year to provide funding for those less fortunate and in need. The moneys go to local shelters, outreach centers and medical research in the Southern California area, including Discover A Star, The Covenant House, ACT-Today, Grossman Burn Foundation, The Concern Foundation.

As he always likes to quote, "As they say in Hollywood...that's a wrap!"